SEO SLC Strategy for Bounce Rate Reduction

SEO SLC helps your website to get more traffic from search engines. We all know that SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a website in natural or organic search results of search engines and everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.

Imagine your site ranks on the first page of Google because of SEO SLC efforts and gets a lot of traffic, but most of this traffic leaves the site in 5 seconds or less.

This is known as ‘bounce’. In other words, a website’s bounce rate indicates the percentage of people who land on the webpage and leaves without browsing any further.

It also indicates that the visitors either did not find what they were looking for or the page wasn’t user-friendly.

There could be many other reasons for an increased bounce rate. Through our years of experience, we know that CTA plays a major role in increasing or decreasing a bounce rate.

‘Call to action’ should be relevant to your landing page. For example, a visitor requires information on ‘hotel management courses in UTAH’ but your landing page gives general information on business management courses.

Make sure you fulfill the promise you made to your visitors in the search engine listing. Don’t use your search engine headline as click bait. The CTA needs to be relevant to the headline or else user will bounce quickly. Get the visitor the information they need on the landing page itself, satisfy their query and they will want to explore your website further.

Some pointers by SEO SLC to make your visitors take whatever action you want them to take;

  • Wording should be concise and obvious
  • Test to see which colors work best. Ideally, contrast is the key
  • Make CTA big enough to be seen easily, but not very big
  • Placement of the CTA button is important. It should be easily noticed as a visitors scan the page
  • The website has to be responsive; thus CTA buttons should work across all platforms – mobile devices and desktops

Finally, test the CTA for words, color, shape, placement, etc to find what works best.

We use a mixture of methods of persuading users to stay on the website longer and explore further. Contact our Sites by Sara team to reduce bounce rate and create a good first impression. 

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